About Us

This website is operated by Benard + Associates, an independent and neutral company tasked by many organizations to confidentially receive and manage complaints.

This site has no means of determining who or from where any submission is made. In addition, the phone number you can call does not subscribe to any caller ID service.

This system is designed to provide a means of reporting serious concerns within your organization, including misconduct such as harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, misappropriation of company property, and other unethical behaviours.

Our intake team receives the information and prepares a memo to share this information with your organization. As part of this process, we can communicate with the person providing the information, if they are agreeable to that (see instructions on home page).

In many cases our clients retain us to investigate the concerns raised in these reports and we do so as a neutral third party with a sole focus of getting to the truth.

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Please complete the form above and provide detailed information about your concerns. You can also provide attachments with your submission. Including your name and email address is optional, but we strongly recommend you create an alias email address that you can monitor so we can respond and ask questions that will assist us in dealing with your concerns. If you prefer, you can call us at the toll-free number on this page and leave a confidential voice mail.

Again, please provide an alias email for us to reach you and do not forget to provide the name of the organization you are reporting about.